We want you to be able to operate your IMA machines as efficiently and reliably as possible. We keep in direct touch with you and your machine via our Serviceportal to provide you with optimum support. You have access to all machine-relevant information round the clock. On the following pages I will briefly introduce the IMA Serviceportal to you. Because productivity has priority!


The Online Ticket System is a simple and fast means for contacting the IMA Service: Service tickets can directly be created on the machine or on an office PC. The integrated Remote Service enables quick diagnostics and Trouble shooting worldwide.

Machine cockpit - Quick overview of all machines

A simple tree view allows navigation from factories through production lines to each individual machine. Maintenance to be carried out is visualized by traffic lights. A list of dates informs about the dates to be kept for each of the machines. The common machinery calendar enables IMA engineers’ visits and Meetings with IMA customers to be coordinated. Tickets resolved are listed in a clear-cut manner in the memo field. From here, a link allows you to view the entire dossier.


Your individual machine dossier allows you to find all operation manuals and machinespecific supplements – always up-to-date and without a lot of searching. Documents can be replaced via secure upload and download.


You have access to all mechanical, electrical and pneumatic spare parts and circuit diagrams matching your machine. The user-friendly navigation facilitates the search for and selection of the parts you need. The enquiry or order process can be started rationally via an integrated shopping cart function.

The Maintenance Manager

Plan all impending maintenance work for your operating and servicing personnel. Get a quick overview of implemented and pending jobs – simply via traffic light principle. The clearly structured IMA Maintenance Manager provides the ideal assistance for your organization and performance of maintenance work. In combination with the optional IMA Service App all confirmations can be carried out by QR-codes.

The Maintenance Manager provides maintenance instructions for all components online. Maintenance lists are automatically calculated and saved as a PDF file. The service personnel carries out maintenance in accordance with their qualifications and send the maintenance files to the IMA-Service Platform after the work is completed.

The maintenance manager is available in two versions: Standard and Advanced.

Maintenance Manager Standard

The Standard Maintenance Manager automatically determines the maintenance appointments from predefined time intervals.

Maintenance Manager Advanced

The Advanced Maintenance Manager automatically determines the maintenance dates based on counters (counter based maintenance plan).

IMA-Service App

The IMA-Service App for iPad and iPhone is the perfect supplement to the IMA Service Platform (IMA Service-Portal). All documents about the machine are available on mobile devices. Spare parts enquiries can be sent directly with a photo as a service-ticket. All maintenance documents are fed back in an automated process using QR codes. The integrated machinery calendar shows all outstanding dates at a glance.


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