IMA-Service APP

Mobile IMA Service Portal

IMA-Service App simplifies the access to machine data and entrence to the IMA-Service

The IMA Service App is the perfect supplement to the powerful IMA Service Platform (web-based service portal).With the IMA Service APP, we offer our customers a professional service tool that considerably simplifies and accelerates many tasks carried out via the service Portal.

Machine Dossier

The complete machine dossier with pictures, drawings and technical documentation is now accessible on-line. Here the integrated upload of photos enables very simple cataloguing of the machine and of modifications. The machine dossier can be opened automatically using QR codes.

Machinery Cockpit

The Machinery Cockpit provides an overview of all factories and machines. Outstanding maintenance operations, dates and tickets are shown at a glance.

Machinery Calendar/Maintenance Manager

The machinery calendar and maintenance Manager are now an integrated part of the service portal. This simplifies the coordination of maintenance between the factory management, IMA Service and operators. Mobile services range from planning, execution and feedback of maintenance jobs.

Get the app

The IMA Service App can be downloaded via Smartphone from the Apple App store.


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