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IMAgination-Day - Starting your career at IMA

Visit us on 20.06.2020 from 10 to 15 o' clock and take a look at the following courses for professional training:

  • Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Arts Business Management
  • Electrical technician for industrial engineering
  • Electrical technician for automation technology
  • Qualified IT specialist system Integration
  • Qualified IT specialist application development
  • Specialist for storage logistics
  • Industrial management assistant
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Technical product designer
  • Cutting machine operator

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A look back at IMAgination Day 2019

On 06.07.2019 the Lübbecke-based machine construction company IMA Klessmann opened its doors to interested schoolchildren for the eighth time. At the IMAgination Day, the information day covering everything to do with training, you had an opportunity to inform yourself about professional opportunities for the future at IMA and to get to know the company better.

IMA offered a highly varied program to the visitors: The main focus of the event was the presentation of the trainees who introduced a total of twelve professional training courses through information stands that they had designed themselves and answered all the questions of the visiting schoolchildren. "Who else could say more about the training, how it went, and the professional training school. At the IMAgination Day the schoolchildren could communicate on the same level and try out many things right away. That is a crucial factor for the success of the IMAgination Day“, says Reinhard Spilker, personnel manager at IMA Klessmann GmbH. The option to view selected workplaces that was being offered for the first time that year was especially well received. The lift in the storage area of the Lübbecke-based company could be inspected more closely and at the workplace for cutting machine operators there was an opportunity to try your hand at operating a lathe.

The visitors had the opportunity to have their application folders checked out by the personnel department and to get some tips and tricks for an even better application. In addition, the schoolchildren were once again offered a portrait session for application photos. The participants were subsequently given the photographs in digital form. To conclude, a tour of the premises gave the schoolchildren an impression of their potential future workplace. At the end of the viewing tour all those who were interested had a chance to see a woodworking machine "in action".

The IMAgination Day has established itself very well here in this region with its comprehensive program. Proof of this is provided by the good preparations made by the schoolchildren who visited the information day. Most of the visitors had already prepared some questions in advance and also all of them had brought an application folder with them. This means that we could of course answer their questions more specifically", according to Kristin Windten, personnel development /recruiting.

In view of the positive response to the prize draw for the practical days the year before, the heads of the personnel department at IMA Klessmann decided to hold a practical day once again this year. This would give even more young people the opportunity to test the water at IMA and to get to know the practical reality behind their dream career. The prize draw has already taken place and the winners have been notified in writing.

IMAgination Day 2020

Starting your career at IMA - Save the date

Saturday, 20.06.2020 from 10:00 to 15:00

"I'll make us of my opportunity at IMA!"

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